Fitting the spectral energy distributions of galaxies

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The aim of the review below is to present the state of the art in the area of fitting the ultraviolet (UV) to far infrared (FIR) integrated SEDs of galaxies. As the field is extremely large we attempt here a somewhat novel approach to the process of writing a review. We consider the original text published in Astrophysics & Space Science as a starting point. The text is now also made available here and we invite the community to send us corrections and additions. We particularly hope that this will help in covering topics and work that we inevitably will have missed.

The review grew from and presents a summary of a workshop held at the Lorentz center in Leiden in November 2008. The authors of this review and organizers of the workshop would like to thank the Lorentz center for making this workshop possible and for providing a first-class meeting environment. We also thank NOVA for additional support. Finally we would like to thank Ap&SS editor Mike Dopita for inviting us to write the review.

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