Fitting the spectral energy distributions of galaxies

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See this webpage for a full listing of stellar libraries

Lick/IDS system

The series of stellar absorption lines and features used to characterise the age and metallicity of stellar clusters and galaxies

Stellar population models

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Publicly Available SED models

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   A bag of Stellar Tracks and Isochrones


    Binary Population and Spectral Synthesis


    SSPs, Template Galaxy Models and more


    Spectral models for Solar scaled and α-enhanced stellar populations


    Flexible Stellar Population Synthesis by Conroy et al.


    The Padova GALaxies AnD single stellaR populatIon modELs


    The Bruzual and Charlot Stellar Population Synthesis models


    GALaxy EVolutionary Synthesis models by Kotulla et al.,

    includes the spectral and chemical evolution of galaxies

Gonzalez Delgado

    Models for both evolution of Balmer Absorption lines, and high

    spectral resolution stellar libraries

Lee, Worthey et al.

    Lick indices with individual element abundance variations


    The Maraston et al. ‘fuel-consumption’ stellar population synthesis


    The stellar population synthesis models for old and intermediate age

    stellar populations by Vazdekis et al.


    “Projet d’Etude des GALaxies par Synthese Evolutive” code by

    Rocca-Volmerange et al., includes high-res SSPs based on ELODIE


     Evolutionary Synthesis Models by Garcia-Vargas, Bressan, Molla


     Stochastically Lighting Up Galaxies


     Stellar Population Tools


    Stellar population code designed to model spectrophotometric and

    related properties of young galaxies


    Spectral models for the first galaxies, including nebular continuum

    and emission lines

Dust emission models


    Library of 105 template SEDs sorted by IR luminosity


    Library of IR templates sorted by α, where α is the index of the dust

    mass distribution over heating intensity U; dM=U^-α dU


    Code for determining IR SED given a range of heating and dust

    parameter as well as the library from Draine & Li (2007)


     SED fitting of sub-millimeter galaxies  

Consistent UV to FIR models

Da Cunha et al.

    Physically motivated, fast UV-FIR model based on a discrete

    set of emission components


    Code Investigating GALaxy Emission using Bayesian or MCMC

    fitting and able to create ad-hoc models

Efstathiou+Rowan-Robinson Starburst SEDs

    The Starburst SEDs of Efstathiou, Rowan-Robinson, & Siebenmorgen

    (2000) based on radiative transfer.


    Radiative transfer model that takes into account stellar population

    synthesis as well as the effects of dust in a galaxy, Silva et al.

MappingsIII Starburst SED

    Starburst UV-IR SEDs described in Groves et al. (2008)

MappingsIII (also available here) code

    “Modelling And Prediction in Photo-Ionized Nebulae and

    Gasdynamical Shocks” photoionization radiative transfer code that

    includes both line processes and dust emission.

Siebenmorgen+Kruegel Starburst SEDs

    Starburst SEDs from the Siebenmorgen & Krügel (2007) model

    based on radiative transfer.

Stellar libraries and spectra